Kleinn Air Horns 6850 Air Compressor Wiring Kit

  • Wire lengths for typical applications
  • Includes Teflon tape
  • Includes wiring connectors
  • Includes zip ties
  • Includes 40 ampere relay
Guaranteed ship within 1-3 business days

Includes all parts needed to install a typical Kleinn air horn system. Includes a 5-pin relay, fuse and fuse holder, wire for the compressor and horn, Teflon tape for air fittings and wire crimps and connectors. Color coded wiring diagram included.


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April 27, 2017
Ridiculous what I received was nothing like the picture, basically spent all this money on some ground wire, zip ties and a fused wire (minus the fuse)oh wait got a button too.what a rip off.No relay, no connectors,no silicone tape. So now I have to go spend more money buying all this individually.

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